Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Meet my fabulous friend & fashion sister.......

Ok, I have the most amazing friends. I fell incredibly fortunate to have the friends that I do.  Not only are these ladies fabulous people but they each have a fabulous and unique fashion sense.  I would like to share their fabulousness with you.  So I have decided to feature them from time to time here on the blog.  This blog was written by my friend Alison.  I love her to death and after reading this I have a felling you will love her too!!

Take it away Alison.........

I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember, my favorite day of the month is when the fashion mags arrive, my fingers can’t flip the pages fast enough to see what these creative geniuses have come up with.  I love that the right accessory takes the boring to the realm of amazing, the thrill of taking an idea of an outfit and making the look my own never fails to bore me.  Many don’t understand my love of fashion or why I can spend hours lost in thought about creating an outfit.  To me, fashion is my form of creativity and self-expression; it also allows me to be a chameleon.

My fashion icon is Rachel Zoe – I love her style, her vision and creativity.  The flared pant that she favors is my go-to look; it elongates my legs and makes me feel like the tall girl I have always wanted to be. Zoe’s love of her trademark sunnie's, gobs of jewelry and sky-high shoes radiate in my personal style.  The saying look at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house and remove one item - doesn’t work for me, in fact I do the opposite, I always add a piece.  Sometimes it’s a fashion mistake (but I say, "if you love it, wear it!").

So here goes – 2 of my favorites.  That’s not say I don’t love me some maxi dresses, shorts, skinny jeans with boots, faux fur vests or any fabulous top (I could go on and on but you get the idea).
1. J-brand Love story jeans are top of my list; everything about this jean screams “me”.  The dark denim allows for so much versatility – they can go from a casual Friday at the office, to drinks with my hubby or a girls’ night out with just a variation in the choice of top.  However, my California casual side does come out when pairing them with my love for an oversized white tank and a wedge.   To kick this look up another notch I just layer on the gold necklaces, bangles or that amazing cocktail ring. The finishing touch - my dark brown Gucci hobo and light brown jacket completes the look.  That California, relaxed vibe that I strive for each time I leave the house. And I never forget my oversized sunnies, because let’s be honest having a busy 2-year-old means dark circles.

The love of the hunt is almost as thrilling as wearing that coveted piece.  Which brings me to my next (current) favorite.
2. These green floral pants caught my eye last spring in an editorial spread and I couldn’t get them out of my head.  They make me think of Palm Springs, warm weather and a cocktail by the pool.  With that image in my head I hunted these pants down for 2 months.  They are my statement pants, can’t be worn often because they make an entrance all on their own.  Because of that I pair them with a simple white tee, minimal jewelry and very simple shoes.  I let the pants do all the talking!

Alison looking chic with Sam, the ultimate cool dude :)

And now I’m off to search for the spring trends that caught my eye in the editorials.  Well, not till after lent - for now I will be shopping in my own closet and creating hopefully more fabulous outfits.

(Hi, it's Katie again--see I told you...isn't she great!  Thanks Al for taking the time to do this! xoxox)

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