Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Does a fragrance by another price smell as sweet...or sweeter?

I know that living in another country comes with a list of concessions that stand out as “changes” one must adjust to no matter how small they may be.  What you have to pay for beauty products happens to be one of those concessions (which I have balked at).  Although I have tried to come to terms with the fact that things here in NZ are 2, 3, even 4x’s the cost they would be in the US (this is not an exaggeration) I don’t like it…at all.  But it is a fact of life while we are living here.  So, I try not to make the mental comparison as I shop-but it’s really hard.    As someone who is a self-proclaimed “bargain hunter” it is difficult to shut down that part of my brain.  The voice inside my head says, “How much is it??!!  It would only be ____(this much) in the US, that’s just ridiculous!”  At this point you are probably thinking what does this have to do with smelling good.  Well, it brings me in a round-a-bout way to my story of this amazing new perfume that I discovered in NZ……

I have never been a “perfume person” really.  I have one or two perfumes on my dresser that I love but 9 times out of 10 I would walk out of the house and forget to put any on. So the pretty bottles of fragrance would sit full and get an occasional dusting. Until now….

this is a fragrance line that I cannot get enough of.   I discovered it while shopping at WORLD here in Auckland.   I got #45 Bulletproof from the Femme Fatale Parfum collection.  It’s an intoxicating combination of smoked tea, coconut milk, cedar, and ebony wood. It’s delicious, it is one of those scents that for me is invigorating while drawing the lyrics of West Side Story song “I feel pretty, oh, so pretty!” from my little heart.  Now at the time I didn’t think about the price really…..ignorance was bliss.  But then on my recent trip home I discovered it at Sephora. Oh the joy!! My new obsession at a fraction of the price??!! Amaze-balls!! So I got another bottle of #45, and bottle of #10 Everything & Nothing (this is a divine blend of orange, floral, dessert moss and tea leaves).  I also got some bath gel, body lotion, and lip gloss. I  got all of this in the states for what I paid for my first bottle here in New Zealand.  Now when I use my new products I smell orange , floral, moss, and sweet sweet shopping victory......

Thanks for sticking with me on that wandering road of a story......now go check out ToykoMilk!

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  1. I have made one correction to the original version of this post...."I feel pretty" are words from a West Side Story song not My Fair Lady (although I think Eliza would have liked that song too) Thanks to my friend who pointed that out! :)