Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Let's get physical, physical.......

So another aspect of my renewed inspiration as I return to New Zealand applies to my workout routine. My vacation from New Zealand sort of became one from exercise as well (oops).  Here in New Zealand I have a gym membership, a beautiful harbor for outdoor running and for the first time in my life A LOT of free time.  Now, I don't know about you but actually getting to the workout is the hardest mental hurdle to get over-if I am completely honest, this is the obstacle that is standing between me and my six-pack. Don't laugh, out loud at least. ;)

Exercise is always on my daily to-do list, along with other things.  But it is those "other things" that I pick to do first before I go workout.  Often the other "to-do's" in my day seem very important and become the focus as they slowly elbow exercise onto my Tomorrow's to-do list.  The sweet Annie tune starts to play in my head, “the gym will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there will be sun (and a workout).”

Well the excuses end now, and I am renewing my commitment to daily exercise, daily sweat, daily endorphin-releasing activity. I am putting it out there to you my readers in order to increase my sense of accountability to this commitment.

The question that is always in my mind is how fit can I get? How far can I take this? Why not live up to my own advice and be the best version of myself?

I am going to commit to 30 minutes of exercise 5x's a week.....the five days will be a combination of cardio (running), weights, pilates, and all those workouts I have collected on Pinterest! :)

Here's the first one from Pinterest I tried-it was good! Lots of focus on the legs and I added arm exercises in with the lunges and the wall-sit.  Working multiple muscle groups at the same time=more calorie burning. I am all about maximum effort in the shortest amount of time! 

Check out my Pinterest “Get in Shape Girl!” Board for further inspiration http://www.pinterest.com/GirlGoneKiwi/get-in-shape-girl/….and stay tuned for updates on my progress. 


  1. Your "let's get physical" blog inspired me to get to the gym this morning. I was in the process of doing as you said -- putting other things first to avoid it!! BUT, your commitment to 30 minutes 5 times a week is not enough. I am just a bit older than you, and my goal is 1 hour 6 times a week!!! Sincerely, "your tenant"

  2. Anne, I am glad that I was a source of inspiration for you today!! I know that 30 minutes doesn't seem like much but I thought this was "realistic" goal to stay faithful to & I promise to pack it full of hard work. Your 1-hour x 6 days give me something to work towards! Cheers!