Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happy Birthday to Toby the wonderdog

I cant believe that it was 9 years ago this month this little bundle of joy came into my life.  My mom, dad, and sister came with me the day I went to pick him out, he was only 6 weeks old and so cute I could barely stand it.  We still talk about that experience to this day.  We will never forget 10 boxer puppies running out onto the deck at the same time to greet us (that much cuteness is unforgettable).  The funny thing is that he ended up picking me that day and from his first puppy kiss I was forever smitten. Four weeks later I claimed him as my own.

He didn't stay little for very long
Through the last nine years he has been my constant friend.  My buddy, that always made sure I never felt alone (even if I wanted to).  There is something amazingly sweet about the fact that no matter when he saw me last, or how long it had been, he always greets me with the same immense joy and happiness!  This always puts a smile on my face no matter what my day was like.  Dogs have this amazing ability to love unconditionally without reserve......Toby has a special way of showing you this love and taking possession of a piece of your heart.  Once he gets it, he is there for life.  I have been privileged to love and be loved by this dog.  As the years go by all too quickly I find myself wishing I could rewind the clock and have the last nine years all over again.  Ok, well maybe some of it I wouldn’t want to repeat.  Those of you who are pet owners or have had to pick up after Toby know what I mean ;). Potty training, chewing, slober (lots of it), etc etc......

Ask anyone who has met him, you can't help but love this guy
His big goofy, loveable personality in action

Toby has traveled the world (more than some people have).  He was born in a small town north of South Bend, Indiana.  From there he lived on Chicago's northside.  My second floor walk-up gave him lots of practice going up and down stairs.  Then I met and fell in love with my hubbie (so did Toby) and we moved to Huntington Beach, California.  This is where Toby discovered how much he loved the beach, peeing on sand castles and digging in the sand for absolutely no reason!  

In October we moved to New Zealand where after his 10-day quarantine (which almost killed me-not him) he has adjusted very well to his new house, walking routes and local park.  

At "his" park, where we go every morning
One of his favorite pastimes....napping

Happy Birthday Toby! I know I'm partial but there will never be another dog like you!!!  Here's to another nine years with this crazy, loving, loyal friend of mine....
One of my fav's that my brother took!

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