Sunday, 11 May 2014

Let's flip some threads!!!!!

Those who know me know that I have.....a love of shopping.   I absolutely love everything about it!  I have done more online shopping since moving here to New Zealand (which is, no offense, a bit of a shopping black hole when compared to what we had in Orange County).  

What does one do when you are "blessed" with a love for shopping and "cursed" with tiny New Zealand closets?  The old must make way for the new.  I started thinking how I could capitalize on the things in my closet that I no longer wear or have never worn.  The consignment options here in Auckland that I explored failed to impress me.   Then one day, during a Google search I came across
Threadflip, this San Fransisco based site is AMAZING!!!!! 

I chose their Full-Service option because, lets face it, if they can do the work for you-why not?! They send you a postage-paid bag to send them the stuff you want to sell and put it in the mail.  Then they take over, place the items on their website, and once they sell they even ship it to the buyer for you!  Could it be any easier? I don't think so.  Check it out, who knows, maybe you will even see something of mine that you want to grab for a great deal!!

Here's the link   Whether you buy, sell or browse you will have some shopping fun!!

FYI, I bought my first pair Louboutins on this site (and they were a steal!!).  Is it shopping love or a shopping problem??? :)  Just don't ask my husband that question....


  1. Since I posted this story I have sold two more items!! Woohoo! Thanks Threadflip

  2. Your page is great, check out mine?