Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Everybody loves some bunny sometimes.....

I typically live in disregard of most commercials....I record shows so that, with smug delight, I can fast-forward through them.  I think you can agree with me that when watching commercials you are more often than not filled with a confused irritation about the exasperating fact that someone was paid to produce the 30-second clip.  That combination of images and words that is responsible for decreasing your overall number of brain cells.....

Until this commercial came along which I instantly fell in love with.  This is thanks to the Fisher & Paykel commercial entitiled "Patience".  The level of cuteness verges on the unbearable.  

From the first time I watched this I have wanted a bunnie of my own....Well, I really want a frenchie of my own but now is not the right time so I'll settle for the bunny. :)  I happen to know a guy who could get me one ;) and it arrived last week!!!!! I was like a little kid a Christmas :) Thanks babe!

Meet the bunny.....it's sweet simplicity is what makes it so endearing.  I found out recently that the bunny's story has a new chapter.  It doesn't end in the doggie bed of the cute puppy. This special bunny (and his friends) has made it's way to a Thai orphanage, Baan Tharn Namchai.  Rescued from a "darker side" of Thai society, these two beautiful girls below have been given a second chance at life.    I am hoping to have a chance to travel there in January to participate in a charity event which includes a visit to the orphanage.  

For these sweet girls this bunny is more than a fluffy friend to cuddle.  It is a symbol of hope, hope for the future....hope that they too can live life simply as little girls with a bunny.....

Check out HANDS ACROSS THE WATER website.  They are the organization that helps keep this orphanage running: https://handsacrossthewater.org.au/about/

From a washing machine to a dog bed to the arms of little girl....that's some bunny! 

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