Thursday, 5 June 2014

Style crush.....the chapeau master Nick Fouquet

This man is a true artisan, his hats are crafted by hand and each has it's own style and personality.  If his hats could speak I feel like they would each tell a story.  Somehow they seem to have lived a life, some grand adventure, and once they are ready to belong to someone they find their way to Nick's magic hat shop. 
A matchstick is one of the details he often this!
This of course is not the reality, but as I look at the hats in his collections I enjoy creating tales full of wanderlust, wonder with a little danger thrown in.  I look at one and I know it existed in the wild west, while another was on a chimney sweeps' cranium while he walked the dirty streets of 19th century London.


After traveling all over the world (including New Zealand) he settled in Venice Beach and started making hats.  Each hat is hand crafted with Beaver fur felt from Tennessee. 


Nick Fouquet.........hat maker, genius, artist, story teller.  Someday I hope to visit his little magic shop in Venice Beach and meet the hat who's story will live on with me.....

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