Thursday, 19 June 2014

48 hours in Sydney.....

Sydney + me + 48 hours...ready, set go! 

SHOPPING: Dropped my bag off at the hotel then made a bee-line to the shopping center on Pitt Street.  It's so exciting all the stores...I was tired and wanted to get a coffee but found Chanel instead. The shopping endorphins kept me buzzing until dinner......
FOOD: Apollo is where we went. It's in Potts Point which is a seedy neighbourhood that has cleaned itself up a bit and is now home to many culinary treats.   There is still a bar called the Opium Den across the street, a wink if anything to the very recent past and the vices this area catered to. 
After one visit this is already a go-to, must-do, spot for me.   The space is as warm and inviting as the food.  The service here is outstanding without taking itself too seriously.  The "Tara" for a starter followed by lamb shoulders (fall off the bone tender), sauteed greens, and chat potatoes: boiled, then roasted then smashed and fried, oh my!  The atmosphere is full of subtle flavours-Apollo is the kind of greek that sneaks up behind you and pinches you on the bottom rather than smacking you on the back.  

SHOPPING: Wednesday I killed it at Hugo Boss for the hubbie. Then I found the One Teaspoon shop (insert the hallelujah chorus), Zara, Zimmerman, Chanel, and  Louboutin to name a few.  Everyone was having sales and I mean everyone! Overall I enjoyed a day of fabulous shopping......

FOOD: We walked down what looked like a dead-end alley.  Then just when I was about to say "where the hell are we?" to the was the small square invitation to something really special.  The simplicity of the interior was simple, yet welcoming.   A unique combination of concrete and mood lighting not to mention a huge grafiti lobster you can see through the back windows.  This restaraunt takes fresh from the garden and creates italian inspired the pickled vegetables we started with.   I love all things pickled and this was no exception.  The chef has a penchant for pickling and there is a display of her handiwork on a long shelf above the kitchen (a thing of true beauty).  A Risotto cake followed beautifully adorned with caper flowers and roasted cherry tomatoes, little slivers of pickled onion and a hint of chili.  The pork and veal mini MEATBALLS served on top of creamy polenta for our main course were AMAZEBALLS (can I say that) lol.  I am so glad that we found this spot!   

48 hours of shopping and what's wrong with that's ;) 

A side note: For me I fell that experiencing  a city through it's food reveals a side of it's character.  There is an old adage "The way to man's heart is through his stomach" and perhaps this could be said with a twist that "the way to the heart of a great city is through it's food." Know the food, know the place....I will stick to this reasoning if for no other reason than to justify eating my way through the places I visit. Bon Appetit! 

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