Sunday, 29 June 2014

I heart Bill!!!

It's winter rains a lot.....good excuse to watch a lot of movies....
Recently, I watched the documentary about Bill Cunningham. Bill Cunningham New York, directed by Richard Press is an intimate portrait of a man who is somewhat of an enigma. 

This documentary is an intimate portrait of Bill Cunningham, the New York Times photographer who for forty years has been riding around New York City on his bicycle, documenting fashion trends on the street by day and New York's social scene at night for his columns in the Sunday Times. Known and beloved by most New Yorkers, and with an international following in the paper and on-line. Bill is a man no one has known alot about, even those who have worked with him for decades. Intensely private, and with an aversion to any kind of recognition he is simple and very complex at the same time.

Anna Wintour has one of the opening lines of the film (of course), and very simply states,  “We get dressed for Bill….”   
On the streets of NYC he captures the fashion around town…real people, real style statements.  Part of his philosophy (in his own words) is,  “It's all about the clothes!”

Bill's smile is instantly endearing and sweet and that same spirit comes across in the way he photographs people.  His intention is always to compliment, never criticize his subjects.

"Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life." Well said Bill, well said.......keep up the good work!

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