Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Quote(s) of the day QOTD

I've been struggling a bit lately....with emotions, with transition, with my journey, with being present and living iwith not wanting to be sad......I had these moments of sadness which is then followed by a feeling of guilt because I tell myself that I shouldn't be sad but should focus on all the good in my life.....

 I have always loved quotes and collected them throughout my life.  They express what I am feeling more eloquently than I am able to at times and infuse my spirit with strength.  Words arranged in just the right sequence have an enormous amount of power.

We all have struggles, we all have battles within that are often invisible to those around us.  Sometimes the greatest struggle is the one with our own expectations.  I know for me that is an ongoing battle.  So here's a good reminder.....whatever your struggle may be 

What's your favorite quote? What words inspire greatness within you just when you need it? 

Here's one for the road......

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