Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Singapore MOCA and Dempsey Hills

The first day I arrived in Singapore I explored solo.  I like to check out the art museums wherever I travel and this day would be no exception besides it was so hot and humid outside I thought art and air conditioning would be a good combo. As the driver pulled up to the Singapore MOCA, which is housed in an old army barracks, I wasn’t even sure it was open…

It was, but I walked inside and realized that I was the only one there. Hmm, it was a little awkward at first but I decided to consider it my own private viewing, and the only time that I would be alone somewhere in the next two weeks...

Since I'm the only one around.....ART SELFIE!! 

….after a leisurely look around inside and out I wandered over to Dempsey Hills, just up the road from MOCA.   The first sign I see as I walk up the road is one for a restaurant named “Margarita’s” which made me laugh at it's randomness.  In what first appeared to be an oasis of semi-cheesy restaraunts for the ex-pat population I found JONES THE GROCER.  A wonderful gourmet café and store full of fancy, delicious little treats.  

After a delicious coffee and muffin, I was whisked away to my next stop-Haji Road.  

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