Saturday, 2 August 2014

Asia trip update!

Hello everyone, 

I am having a wonderful, whirlwind trip so far!   Singapore to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Shanghai, and Shanghai to Qingdao on Tuesday.  Each city is unique and wonderful in its own way.  I will be posting individual blogs in the near future that highlight my favorite aspects of each city in greater detail. In the meantime follow me on Instagram for daily updates (agirlgonekiwi)!

Two things that have been consistent throughout my time here is the humid heat (thus the permanent sock bun) and how friendly people have been.  This trip so far had been such a great experience on so many levels! While learning about this part of the world I feel that I have also been learning about myself.  

Yesterday I had such a great day of shopping  and exploring (shout out to my new friend Sophia who was kind enough to show me around).  Today, in a few hours, we will go even deeper into the true Shanghai shopping experience! Stay tuned, in the mean time here are some photos from this journey so far......


Singapore harbor 

Shopping Center, Lucky Plaza

Marina Baysides Hotel

Going to see the Buddha, Hong Kong 

Max's noodle shop-each bowl represents a happy customer! 

Shanghai skyline

On the streets

Posting this now as I was unable to get anything to upload while in china!! 

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