Wednesday, 6 August 2014

In search of the perfect Chicken Rice

Maxwell Food Center & Chinatown

Food…I love food … and when I travel I love to try the "local" cuisine.  On any given trip to Asia one must approach street vendors and their offerings with caution…This is why I was so delighted to find out that the vendors in Singapore are regulated by the government and are given a letter grade which they must display for their customers (insert a little Type A happy dance). I wanted to try the Hainese Chicken rice, a specialty dish in Singapore and two foods that I have long been a fan of.  A win-win situation! So we went to Maxwell food center and after looking at and discussing all of our options we found a one-man hainese chicken rice show with a line that wasn’t too long---BINGO!! 

He takes each person’s order, prepares it, takes your payment for it…and it’s on to the next! Laurence was very kind and went and got some ice cold beer which was very refreshing while we waited…and this chicken rice was worth the wait.  Tender, juicy steamed chicken with the most delicious rice (I do not know what they do but it's rice-elevated to the next level) and bok choy (just for a little green).  Now, let's talk about the dipping sauces: one chili, one ginger and both are SO scrumptious!

The Buddhist temple located in Chinatown, which is across the road from the food center, is not to be missed.  This is an active temple, people praying and burning incense, monks are chanting (for 8 hours at a time).  I am always impressed by this level of dedication......

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