Sunday, 4 January 2015

Let's go sailing!!!

During my last trip to my parent's house I discovered how much my dad likes sailing. I never knew this before. This information came at the perfect time because I was trying to figure out what to get him for Christmas.   You know, the man who has everything.....

When I got back to Auckland I booked tickets to take my dad and my mom sailing on an Americas Cup boat around the harbor.  This was followed by multiple prayers for good weather.  

Fast forward now to December 23 when I picked up my parents from the airport. This is when I told my dad he was getting his Christmas present the next day.  He was so excited he could hardly sit still! He said, "when you get to be my age there are few presents that really excite and surprise you....but this is one!"  Well, as the second person in the dynamic brunette duo of our family (me & my dad) I was thrilled.  But still praying for good weather, this is New Zealand after all.

The next day was fabulous.  Two hours of wind in your hair, grinding, learning about all things sailing and enjoying the amazing views.  It was as close to the perfect present for my dad as I could get.   Additional bonuses: it didn't rain, my mom wasn't cold and she had fun too!!! 

While I love getting presents I have always thought that giving gifts is better than receiving them.  This story proved that this is so so true.  I will never forget the look of joy and wonderment on my dad's face the ENTIRE TIME we were out on the water.  It was a memory that I will treasure and look back on often...

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