Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Floundering at Oreti Beach

Anyone who knows me knows that I have said more than once, "I don't fish."  This has been the case since I was about 7 years old.   I had a traumatic experience as a child at a fishing pond in North Carolina.  It was a super hot day, I had a candy bar, was attacked by flys, and then yelled at by my brother all the way home because we had to leave (hysterical crying over bugs and fishy do not mix).  

I knew you would understand.....but on this day I went with the fisherman in what you might call a supportive role.  You know, drive the truck down the beach, make sure the dogs don't drown, and move the fish bucket as directed.  

Toby was more than happy to "help" as well, and by help I mean continually chew the rope and get in the way of the flounder net THE ENTIRE TIME.  

I am happy to report that the boys got about 26 flounder all together.  Which is apparently very impressive (insert fishermen ooh's and aah's). I am sure my supporting role contributed to this some how. ;) 

Once we got home we dined on fresh pan-fried flounder with a buerre blanc sauce.  I was inspired by the Dover sole we have had on past trips to Paris and wanted to try to recreate this masterpiece.   It wasn't too shabby for a first attempt.  Overall the day definitely made up for that other fishing experience so long ago! 

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