Sunday, 16 November 2014

Preparing to move.... (houses, not cities)

We are moving.  There is nothing about moving that I enjoy.  It is a chore of epic annoyance....never the less it is something that must be done.   So this week I will be sorting, editing, packing and clenaing.  Even though it will be hard, please, please do not be jelaous!

PS: it is amazing to me how much "stuff" two people can accumulate!!! 

We recently marked our one-year anniversary here in New Zealand and it has gone by so quickly.  After a year in Mission Bay we have decided 2 things: 1. We don't need this big of a house and 2. Our favorite neighborhood is Ponsonby.  The vibe and atmosphere is a better match for us.  From our new house we can walk to some of our favorite restaurants, cafes and shops.  Ponsonby has a great feel and makes you feel like you live in a city rather than a suburb.  I like the house we are moving into, I only hope that my hubbie does too!  Usually a couple goes thru the house-hunt process together, but since my husband is always traveling I found this house and made the decision by myself (no pressure what so ever)  It causes a bit of angst as I prepare to see it again for the second time on Wednesday-Will I like it as much?  Will there be enough storage?  Will my husband like it when he sees it???  Whatever the answers may be, we are committed since we signed the lease already so like Tim Gunn says, "I will make it work!"  I will not only make it work but make it stylish and homey and Christmas ready for my parent's holiday visit!!  (again, no pressure..)

I will post pictures of our new house once the boxes are unpacked and everything is organized!

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