Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Body Rock is in the house tonight......30-day body transformation

In a little over a month I will be in Costa Rica for 5 glorious days celebrating one of my dearest friends wedding.  While this sounds magical (and I'm sure it will be) it also brings waves of inner panic over my frontal lobe as I think about having to be in a bikini for that amount of time in front of a lot of people....I know, I know, it's not about me it's about the bride and groom and their love.  But if I allowed the superficial side of my psyche to speak "it's also about looking great in that bikini, at least a little." So in the spirit of self-improvement I have embarked on the 30-DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION.  This program on Body Rock TV gives you a day-by-day workout video (free on You-Tube).  There are also E-books for less than $12.00 on the website that provide additional resources such as a journal and a diet guide.  The cool thing about Body Rock TV is that their have tons (ok, hundreds) of great video workouts online you can access.  

Abs, butts, and thighs beware!  These are killer HIIT workouts that give you a great workout in minimal amount of time (win-win situation for me).  Seriously, after two different 25 minute workouts day 1, and day 2 I'm just as sore as when I have worked out for an hour (classes, personal trainer).  

This is one of the many options for quick, high-intensity workouts!! 

These are the three E-books I chose.  I started reading the nutrition guide and so far I love the format and the "to the point" concise information. Much of it is information that I already know, but it's a good reminder that helps me to re-focus on REALLY clean eating habits. I also cleaned out my refrigerator and pantry because if the "unclean" empty calories are not here I can't eat them.  

Not sure what I will look like at the end of the thirty days, but, it will be a good practice in discipline to stick to this and the "clean eating" program--which will be important as I have just read that Abs are 80% diet and 20% exercise....and hopefully I can go for a long walk on the beach, into the sunset with my rediscovered Abs. :) 

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