Sunday, 21 September 2014

10 indoor activities to do when the weather is CRAP

So the weather here has been Crap! Crap, crap, crap!!! Even the local weatherman was using words like, "terrible" and "couldn't get any worse." So I have told Toby that we will probably not be going for a walk today.  

I also thought I would list some activities to keep me busy on days like these... Because here in New Zealand there are a lot of those days (like mama said).  What are yours??

1. Catch up on episodes on the Real Housewives or Shahs of Sunset....don't judge

2. Clean: underwear drawer, spice cabinet, closet (purge-so you can shop more 

3. Bake something yummy-then practiced self-control by not eating the whole thing (2-for-1)

4. Revamp my iTunes play lists (this is way overdue!) 

5. Read that book I downloaded 3 months ago and never got around to

Oh, that's only five...sorry I got distracted by Chloe on guess that's No. 6.....

7. Book fantasy vacations in warm tropical locations 

8. Google traditional rain-stop dances 

9. Take a nap while listening to the rain because your exhausted from the rain-stop dancing

10. Excessive amounts Instagram and Pinterest time......because those are always a good idea 

:) Be sure to share your favorite rainy day activities with me 

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  1. Hi Katie ~
    Didn't see anything on your list about doing Yoga, lifting weights or any exercise. Maybe that should be #11???