Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I'm still in my adjustment phase.......

I haven't lived here very long and have already come up with this catch phrase in response to the ever present question, "How do you find Auckland?" or "What do you think of New Zealand?"   As a "foreigner" (which is glaringly obvious as soon as I open my mouth) I always feel as though I have to approach this question with a certain delicacy. Ok, I tell myself, just answer with a brief and non offensive response.  With a modest smile I say, "It's good, I'm just getting adjusted..." I find myself sometimes in a similar scenario when an acquaintance or even a stranger asks "How are you doing?"  You've been here before, I know it.  This usually happens when you are having the worst day too.    The polite and most expected response is, "Fine, and how are you?" The person usually doesn't want to know about the nitty gritty of your day in detail (Save that for a vent session with one of your BF's and a nice bottle of vino).  A social nicety warrants another nicety in return-nothing more, nothing less.  

Auckland is a beautiful place but it is not yet home-so I continue to "adjust" and learn about this City and myself-while remembering to respond without offending anyone....finger crossed ;)

In the picture above is a coordinates collection bracelet that I got to commemorate my move here. They are awesome, check them out at www.coordinatescollection.com! 

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