Monday, 27 January 2014

Ummm, I don't camp........

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Auckland.  Monday was a day called Auckland Anniversary Day.   Friday my husband got a call from his BF and in the span of an hour we were packed and on our way to somewhere on the Coromandel peninsula. The convo between the two of them went something like this, Hubbie: "Do we to bring anything?", BF: "No, we have everything." Hubbie: "Do we have a place to stay, " BF: " I have booked you a cabin."   famous last words........
Upon arrival to the campground (did i mention I don't camp) I was informed that our accommodation for the night was the cabin of BF's boat.......hmmmmm (did I mention I don't camp).

So time to harden up buttercup, and I decided to smile and make the best of it.   After all, let's be honest I'm already a bit of a stand out as the only American in the group (as always) and don't want to add to that "prima Donna with a bad attitude"...however tempting it might be. 
So over the weekend we found a winery, saw a few beaches, spent some time on a fishing boat (did I mention I don't fish), attempted to drive the boat and stretched the limits of my comfort zone (a lot).  As the great Elizabeth Taylor once said, "I poured myself a drink, put on my lipstick and pulled myself together."  While I'm not signing up for camping any time soon, no actually, EVER again, sometimes life puts me in situations to teach me something. Maybe my hubbie needed some time on the boat to destress after a hard couple of weeks at work.  Maybe I needed to be reminded that it's not always about me.   Perhaps it was just to confirm the fact that camping and fishing are not on the top of my list for vacation ideas, lol.  I was certainly reminded that I like comfort, nice sheets, a hot shower, etc. and for that I will never apologize.  

I did manage to get some cool pics-enjoy! 

One glass for each child I spent the day with :)

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