Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Learning to fly but I ain't got wings.....yet

I was listening to the great Tom Petty the other day and realized that this classic could be my theme song for this move to New Zealand.   Let me share with you all the things that went through my head while singing along with the big "T".  

Oh, by the way,  welcome to my blog.....;)

  My father gave me the nickname of Birdie when I was 6 months old-Admiral Bird to be precise.  Apparently I have been "learning to fly" from an early age.  Who knew I would be on the ultimate "flight" at this time in my life-moving to New Zealand.

 The national bird of New Zealand is the Kiwi. This is a flightless bird.  Wait,  isn't that sort of an contradiction- a bird that can't fly.....sort of how I have felt at times since moving here-a little off.  What I have learned so far is that New Zealand is a land of dynamic contradictions--so the Kiwi is actually a perfect fit. 

 I may not sure what this time in New Zealand will hold for me, but I do know that with its ups and downs I will learn how to fly here and it will a GRAND adventure!!     
As Tom so eloquently said, ........started out for God knows where...but I guess I'll know when I get there........

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