Thursday, 5 December 2013

And the award goes to......

So most of my friends already know that I went to the Steinlager Rugby Awards Thursday night. I'm not going up lie-I was excited, as in a 12-year girl at a One Direction concert excited!! Ok, well that is a bit dramatic but you get the idea.  Thanks so much to Claire Richadson from New Zealand Rugby Union for the invite! It was fun to get dressed up to mingle with some of rugby's finest players (past and present).  I promise I kept my composure....externally at least :) My husband was a bit star struck too, although he would never admit it.  I'm pretty sure he knows just about every All Black that is alive, can recognize them and rattle off some key stats about them ( love it!).  At the end of the night the thing that impressed me the most is the passion for rugby and where it starts in this country....they call it grass roots.   A passion for this sport is breathed into each generation by the last.  There is a driving force in these men and women that is unlike any other in the world. From the small blacks to the All Blacks, from the volunteer coaches to Steve Hansen, from the superstars to the grounds keepers....every heart is bursting with this "something" about rugby.  I saw tonight again a nation united by an amazing passion for something that is so much more than a's a part of their heart and soul.....New Zealand Rugby.  Congrats to all the winners! 

Shout out to Che Fu! He was awesome! 

Can you hear that?? It's angels singing the Hallelujiah chorus ( ok, sorry I'm bring dramatic again) ;)

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