Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Some things I learned while in New Zealand

1. About the food: 

A hamburger here is not just a sandwich, it's a buffet: meat patty, sliced Beet, an egg, pineapple, chutney, lettuce, tomato, onion....what else am I forgetting?

I am truly sorry to say this.  But, with the one exception of THE LUCKY TACO food truck, there isn't any amazing Mexican Food here! So I am forced to gorge myself on Mexican food every time I go back to southern California.

2. About the weather: 

People talk about the weather A LOT. And when the weather is bad the conversation will include, "This isn't normal for Auckland."  Im sorry after nearly 18 months I DO NOT believe that anymore.

It rains a lot!!! That's all I have to say about that.

3. Things in nature:

 All the birds in New Zealand can't fly 

There are more species of penguins here than any other country

There are no snakes, AT ALL! Bonus! 

4. About sports: 

Rugby is not a sport, it's a religion.  

Rugby comes in a variety of ways: rugby union, rugby league, 7's, and 9's

After the rugby game aka religious experience there will be more talk about why the All Blacks only won by 60 points rather than celebrating that they WON! I mean a win is a win is a win, right?! Spoken like a true Cubs fan, lol! 

5. About the language:

Sometimes you have to say "yes" to say "no": kiwis don't just say "no" they say, ""

TA=thank you 

Bangers and chips=sausages and fries, which to some, is the staple diet of bogans=white trash, hillbilly

If it's cold, you'll want a cuppa=cup of tea and your jumper=sweater

Togs=bathing suit and Jandals=flip-flops are what you wear to your Bach=vacation home at the beach

Chunder=vomit, which you do when you're crook=sick or after being pissed=drunk because you have skulled=slammed all of your drinks 

The most important one I've learned is do not say, ever, you are "rooting" for a team (or player), especially in a car full of guys on the way to a rugby game.   Rooting=having sex=I felt in a word, awkward!!!

6. For all the ladies:

In 1893, New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote 

Nancy Wake, was the Gestapo's most wanted person during WWII, and once killed an SS soldier with her bare hands. 

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  1. Great Thursday afternoon reading. Especially whilst reading your bit about Yeah ... No literally whilst reading it someone came up & said it. I just roared. Welcome to NZ Girl Gone Kiwi