Sunday, 13 July 2014

Packing for my upcoming trip

Packing for our trips always gives me a level of anxiety...I usually agonise over what will go, what will stay, along with all the what-if's of travel and the clothes I will need should those "what-ifs" arise.   We leave in two days for Asia where in two weeks we will embark on a whirl-wind trip through Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and finally Qindao.  For this trip rather than stress and do my usual last minute panic packing I am giving my self plenty of time to pack. Pack a concise yet chic wardrobe for REALLY HOT & HUMID summer weather. 

I've done some Pinterest research which you can see below......time to put all that great Pinterest knowledge into action!!! 

I am determined this time to get as close as I can to that "ideal travel wardrobe" and show it to you in the days to come as I journey through Asia for the first time!! Stay tuned!!!

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