Saturday, 5 April 2014

Homeward bound!!!

Well I'm on my way back to the US of A for a threeJean three-week whirlwind trip of fun, music, birthdays, and lots of laughs with my dear friends and family.  My excitement to goes is mixed with a little sadness because I'm leaving my two favorite boys behind....

 One question: Am I the only one who gets a "nervous tummy" pre-travel? I do, and I think it's a combination of excitement, the bittersweet emotion I mentioned above and the terrible flahsbacks of my prior track record (I'll get to that in a minute)   Maybe it's the "packing stress" leading up to leaving for the airport.  I stand over the suitcase wondering why is this so heavy? What can I live without on this trip? What's expendable? Do I really need 7 purses? 

Now, I'm sitting in the air New Zealand lounge right now waiting to board my flight so writing this better not be a jinx.....

I say that because I have had travel moments that could have been filmed for a reality show entitled "when travel goes really, REALLY WRONG."   

1. The time I was traveling from Chicago to California and a snow storm hit that was so bad it shut down not only the airport but the whole city. I laugh now as I think of myself dragging my suitcase along the snowy sidewalk trying to get a Cab only to watch them all drive away after I told them I wanted to go to the airport

2. Do you need your passport to go to Canada? No, right? That was the time we were almost at LAX and had to turn around to go back and get my passport.  The longest car ride EVER with my not-at-all-happy Hubbie......We missed that flight 

3.  The time my name on the flight reservation was under my new married last name and the ID I had with me (didn't have my passport because it was a domestic flight) had my maiden name on it.  After all I was moving to New Zealand so why go thru the trouble of going to the DMV to change a license I wasn't going to use......missed that flight too! 

4. The time we were attempting to go to Europe (the one week I had off from grad school) and getting stuck in economy on a shitty, old, over-heating American Airlines plane on the tarmack for 2 hours, maybe 3....and they never apologised.  

5. Or there is the time I was flying to I Paris to get married (immediately followed by the honeymoon) and someone else took my luggage so I had no suitcase. I'm GOING TO GET MARRIED!!! I was in full melt-down mode.  I was crying and alone holding my wedding dress bag in the London airport....I was totally pathetic in that moment. 

Why continue to regurgitate bad times when you get the point.....I still travel of a regular basis (my way of saying, as much as I can) Which many of you read and think, "wtf is wrong with her?!" 

While these are experiences that I never want to re-live, my love of travel continues to override all the bad that happens while you are trying to get to people or places that you love.  So I tempt fate (or give it the middle finger) once again as I venture back to California and Arizona to spend time with my favorite people in the world.   I'm so excited I might be sick-like a little kid at Christmas (maybe I should call it "Christmas tummy" instead of "nervous tummy")--about the stomach thing...turns out nausea may also occur when you don't eat all day and take supplements to prevent getting sick on the germ tube (aka the plane).  Oh, my flight is boarding gotta run! I don't need any more stories to add to the list ;) 

Bon voyage!! 

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